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Shared Stories - Donna, Manish & Monica

Casey Dann

Words by Casey Dann

Mar 8, 20192 min read
Shared Stories - Donna, Manish & Monica

There’s no greater feeling than unlocking your very own front door for the first time. That warm fuzzy feeling, that sense of pride, knowing that you’ve finally ticked owning your own home off your bucket list – trust us, it’s the best! But, can we let you in on a secret?

Handing our new owners their keys… well that takes the cake! We’ve been building new homes for more than 30 years’ now, and it is still our favourite part of the job.

We recently sat down with Manish, Monica and Donna – proud new Ausbuild home owners at our Prominence community ‘The Rise’. They shared their experiences with us and now we want to share them with you.

"It has changed our life, from renting to having our own home." - Monica

"I thought this journey was going to be really, really hard and I really thought that it was going to be stressful and it really hasn’t." - Donna

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